Igloo BMX 25 cooler box review

The most practical bit of kit you can carry is kit that you can carry! This Igloo BMX 25 cooler box is just the perfect size for carrying around and as I've discovered since acquiring it, it's not just for the summer either.

Igloo BMX 25 cooler

I’ve had the Igloo BMX 25 cooler box on test now for over a year and so far I’m loving it!

Although it’s described as a cooler box, and yes I’ve used it to carry drinks and food with ice blocks in the summer, where this box has come into it’s own for me is down the boat yard in winter.


25-quart or 23.7 litre capacity

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heavy-duty blow-molded design with reinforced base corners

up to 4 days of ice retention

The lid features a fish ruler for measuring your catch

A threaded drain plug with a hose compatibility

The Igloo BMX 25 cooler is just the right size to fit a flask, or some cans of fizzy drinks plus sandwiches or pre heated food. Just make sure not to mix up the hot and the cold in the same box and you’ll find your hot sausage and egg roll from the stand in B&Q carpark is still hot when you get back to the boat yard with your DIY supplies.

It’s also ideal for the Friday night takeaway run, just load the Igloo up in the back of your car or van, put your bag of hot takeaway food in there, close the lid and drive, relaxed knowing the hot takeaway will still be hot when you get home, plus it keeps the takeaway food smell from sticking to your car furniture.

The rugged box can take a bit of a rough and tumble and it’s strong enough for me to sit on too.

Now I don’t have an electric fridge on my 1971 boat, and I removed the old rudimentary cool box that was built in. The Igloo BMX 25 is far more efficient than the plywood and Celotex home made thing that came with the boat that I ripped out to access the gas pipes! Even on my 1989 boat which does have an electric fridge, it’s most often turned off to save power. The thermal efficiency of the cool box is much better than my fridge too.

I freeze pre-prepared portion controlled food for longer passages and the cooler is just the job. It can be securely lashed in place but easily removed to fill it and clean it.

The sturdy handle feels purposeful and the rubber lid toggles feel chunky and reassuring. I’ve used a wide array of different cool boxes over the years but this little marvel is fabulous. It’s virtually indestructible.

I’ve not had much use of the fish measuring guide but as I often sit on the Igloo cooler, I’ve now got a much better idea if how wide my bum is.

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  • The rugged construction, reinforced corners, and stainless steel hinges, 4 days of ice retention, there's a fish ruler on the lid


  • might be a bit small for some if you want to carry food and drink for more than a day.

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