Jobe Revolve 2 person towable boat tube review

An interesting take on a disc shaped tube, the Jobe Revolve instantly caught our attention as a possible solution to the leg slapping problem experienced on some of the smaller round-shaped discs...

The two extensions at the back are perfectly situated to support your legs and have neoprene padding to further reduce chafing under way.

We did find that this meant a more comfortable ride when being towed in a straight line on flat water but as soon as you hit choppier water or the driver puts the boat into a turn, there is nothing to brace your legs against so they soon slip off to one side or the other and still end up getting battered by waves.

Furthermore, the extensions seemed to act like shallow keels, keeping the Jobe Revolve in a straight line and resisting efforts to fling it outside the wake.

We wonder whether a full width extension at the back might be a better solution, solving the issue of leg space and making the whole boat tube slide more freely from side to side.

This resistance to sliding outside the wake meant the Jobe Revolve didn’t score as highly on our thrill-o-metre as some of the other disc-style boat towables, although it was more comfortable than some and still offered a good amount of fun.

Like the Jobe Binar, the wings on the side were a great addition, making it more susceptible to catching air but also better at landing these jumps with the riders still onboard.

However, we felt it could do with an extra pair of handles on each wing (currently there are only four) to help us cling on and counterbalance the lateral g-forces.

The Jobe Revolve range includes one and three person models and they all come in at reasonable prices.

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  • Leg extensions look cool and add comfort
  • Wings
  • Decent value


  • Not as fun as bigger discs
  • Not enough handles
  • More style than substance


Overall, we think that the Revolve offers limited additional benefits over a conventional disc which come at the cost of a less exhilarating ride and would therefore recommend going for larger diameter circular discs such as the three person Jobe Scout.


Capacity: 2 people
Handles: 4
Dimensions (inflated): 77" L x 69" W
Thrill rating: 2/5
Comfort rating: 3/5
Overall rating: 1/5

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