An amazingly practical, impressively roomy, storage-rich, feature-laden jack of all trades, the Marex 375 has few peers

Product Overview

Marex 375


  • 9-strong range of engine options
  • Ground breaking canopy design
  • Generous headroom and berth sizes
  • Impressive levels of stowage
  • Agile in sterndrive and shaft drive form


  • Modest galley size


Marex 375 review


Price as reviewed:

£312,500.00 (inc UK VAT)
The Marex 375 is the perfect boat for serial ditherers. People who just cannot make their mind up between a fast (37 knots) and sturdy offshore cruiser capable of intrepid voyaging, and a safe and sociable boat suitable for ferrying families at low speed along the inland waterways.

If you genuinely want to do it all, the new Marex 375 is one of the few boats that can. It achieves this by dint of its great deck design.

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In good weather its deck spaces can be left almost completely open to the elements, but in the space of a couple of minutes its two sunroofs can be shut tight, its amazingly practical aft cockpit canopies swiftly battened down, and its cockpit doors closed off to produce a completely enclosed environment that nevertheless still provides an excellent and safe view out for the skipper and the crew.

Two other things stand out. For a 39ft (12m) boat, the scale of everything is impressive.

Headroom is generous throughout, and only national league basketball players are going to grumble about a mid cabin berth that measures 6ft 7in x 5ft 10in (2.01m x 1.78m).

Marex 375

Marex 375 master cabin is in the bow

The 375 is also bursting with stowage, for example four lockers, one wardrobe, five drawers and four usefully fiddled shelf spaces in that roomy mid cabin.

Deck stowage is good too, and it is an easy and very safe boat to move around, thanks to sturdy handrails and deep toerails.

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