2014 Motor Boat Awards

Honouring the stars of the motor boating world...

The 2014 Motor Boat

Awards will bring together marine business leaders to celebrate the best of the

best from the motorboating world.

Nominations for the nine categories will include

any boat tested by one of the magazines before January 2014, with winners being

picked by the experts at Motor Boat &

and Motor Boats


The Garmin Outstanding Service Award recognizes companies who have gone

above and beyond with their customer service and is chosen by a public vote.

The winners will be announced simultaneously on this website and at the

awards ceremony in London on 6 January 2014.

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Garmin Outstanding Service Award

Voting is now open for

Garmin Outstanding Service Award.

Have you received

outstanding service from a marine company this year? This is your opportunity

to make it known, because we’ve started accepting nominations for the 2014

Garmin Outstanding Service Award, to be handed to one lucky company at next

year’s much coveted Motor Boat Awards, sponsored by Pantaenius.

The nomination process is

simple. Email serviceaward@ipcmedia.com with the name of the company and the reason why you think it

should win. The subject line of the email should read: MBM Garmin Service Award

The deadline for

nominations has been extended to 10 December 2013,

so get your nominations in if you know of a company that has gone above and



The nine categories for boats cover all types and

sizes of motor-powered craft from 18ft starter boats to 140ft custom yachts.

The finalists in each category will be announced on 20 December and in the

January issue of Motor Boats Monthly and the February issue of Motor Boat &


The categories are: 

• Starter boat 


Performance and superboat

Wheelhouse and walkaround

• Trawler yacht and aft cabin

• Sportcsruiser up to


• Sportscruiser over 45ft

• Flybridge up to 55ft

• Flybridge over


• Custom yacht

• Garmin award for outstanding service 

How to enter


boat tested and published in Motor Boat & Yachting and Motor Boats Monthly

prior to December 20, 2013 will automatically be considered for entry by our

panel of experienced motor boat journalists.

This is because we believe that

the awards should be judged solely on merit and for the same reason we only

ever give awards to boats we have driven and tested out on the water where they



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