Editor’s Choice: Raymarine ClearCruise AR

Raymarine has long pushed the technology boundaries, and its ClearCruise AR system marks another major step along the way on the firm's never-ending advanced marine systems journey.

In fact, ClearCruise AR (the ‘AR’ stands for Augmented Reality) is an industry-first which has been developed for Raymarine’s Axiom multi-function displays to help skippers make smarter and quicker navigation decisions.

AR manifests itself in practice by blending high definition video from networked marine cameras with on-screen graphics to display and identify nearby AIS traffic, navigation aids and waypoints.

The AR display updates in real time and a stabilising sensor ensures the images are kept on an even keel. Key navigation objects appear on screen in their charted positions along with information on the next destination waypoint.

Axiom displays operating with ClearCruise AR provide an easy-to-use interface which allows users to change the displayed range and instantly turn information on or off.

ClearCruise AR installations comprise two individual elements Firstly, an Axiom multifunction display (running Lighthouse 3.7 or later) is needed to display the visuals.

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Secondly, images are captured using an Augmented Reality Pack combined with a camera or cameras – the system can accommodate up to ten cameras for all-round vision.

There are a number of camera options, with Raymarine’s CAM210 or 200 IP Marine Camera or FLIR’s M132 and M232 thermal cameras all being compatible candidates.

Included in the Augmented Reality Pack is the required stabilising sensor. Badged AR200, this sensor consists of a high-precision GNSS/GPS receiver and a nine-axis Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) sensor with NMEA2000 (certification pending) or Raymarine’s SeaTalk connectivity.

It all sounds quite teccie, and it is. But once the system is installed all the geek-speak will be behind you, leaving you with an easy-to-use safety enhancing system that’s bound to be the envy of the marina.

Price: From £1,195.00 inc VAT

(This price is for the cheaper T70453 Augmented Reality Pack which includes CAM220 Eyeball camera, AR200, STNG 1m Backbone, T-piece & 10m Raynet Cable)

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