Editor’s Choice: Waterhaul Zennor sunglasses

If ever there was a product for our times, this has to be it - Waterhaul's Zennor sunglasses.

In common with every other product in the company’s range of eyewear the Zennor sunglasses – are upcycled from plastic intercepted from the oceans by this pioneering, Cornwall-based firm.

The idea was the brainchild of founder Harry Dennis, who decided the time had come to do something useful with some of the 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets he claims are lost or discarded every year.

By regarding these strong and durable spent nets as a misallocated resource rather than waste, Harry set about creating his business proposition.

A selection of great looking sunglasses of which the Waterhaul Zennor is the model we believe will be of interest to the boating community.

That’s because the Zennor features a chunky wrap around frame that grips securely and prevents glare from light straying into the field of vision from the sides.

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The Zennor is made entirely of old trawl nets and fitted with polarised polycarbonate lenses.

They’re lightweight, offer a high level of UVA/UVB protection and are fully sustainable – for even if you break them, or just decide you no longer want them, all is not lost.

That’s because every pair of Waterhaul frames are covered by the company’s ‘recycle and replace’ lifetime guarantee.

All you have to do is return your frames and Harry will repair or replace them for free. It’s what he calls a ‘circular economy’, part of his mission to achieve a 100% recycling rate.

If you think all this sounds too goo to be true, it isn’t – and it doesn’t stop there either. Every pair of Waterhaul Zennor sunglasses comes in a sustainable cork tri-folding hard case.

Every element of the company’s supply chain has been audited to ensure it is free from single-use plastic.

So even if your Zennors do have to go back to Harry, they’ll coming winging back to you in a harm-free recycled wood-pulp pack. Impressive, eh?

Price: £75 (inc. VAT)

Buy it now on Waterhaul.co

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