Aquila 32 Sport review: The 32ft party powercat that everyone can enjoy

If you fancy a fast open day boat with party-venue practicality, the twin-hulled Aquila 32 Sport might be just the solution you’ve been waiting for. Alex Smith takes us on a test drive...

The human race can be divided into two distinct camps – monohull advocates and multihull fans. The former talk about style, pace and handling agility. The latter like to expand on the merits of space, stability and running efficiency.

Aside from the odd wide-beamed deck boat or compact twin-hulled estuary runabout, very few boats have managed to straddle the yawning chasm between the two.

But here, in the form of the Aquila 32 Sport, we have a boat that seems to stand a much better chance than most.

Developed in collaboration with the J&J Design Group and built at Sino Eagle’s 1-million ft² Chinese production facility, the first thing that strikes you is the styling.

It may be a catamaran but, with a beam of just 12ft 8in (which is relatively modest by cat standards), the new Aquila 32 Sport looks from some angles like a sporting bow rider from a mainstream monohull brand.

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That sleekness of form is also helped by the attention Aquila has paid to moulded angles and contrasting panels in the hull, the topsides and the T-Top.

But when you actually step on board, the Aquila’s twin-hulled underpinnings couldn’t be more obvious.

With a beam 70cm greater than even a wide monohull like the Saxdor 320, the Aquila 32 Sport delivers all kinds of internal flexibility.

Read Alex’s full review of the Aquila 32 Sport in the October 2022 issue of MBY, out now…

Aquila 32 Sport specifications

LOA: 32ft 4in (9.86m)
Beam: 12ft 8in (3.85m)
Draft: 2ft 1in (0.64m)
Displacement: 4,781kg
Test engines: Twin Mercury 300hp 4.6-litre V8 outboards
Top speed on test: 40.7 knots
Cruising speed: 20 knots
Fuel capacity: 2 x 530 litres
Cruising range: 278nm
Fuel consumption: 61lph
Noise: 85.5 d(B)A
Water capacity: 110 litres
RCD category: C for 22 people
Design: J&J Design Group
Price: £458,201 (inc. VAT)


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