Marex 310 unboxing: We unwrap a brand new factory-fresh £235k boat

Deputy Editor Jack Haines heads to Wessex Marine in Poole to see what goes on after a brand new Marex 310 is delivered, fresh from the factory...

Wessex Marine very kindly let us see behind the scenes of what they do when a brand new stock boat arrives, how they get it from shrink wrapped and on the chocks to in the water and ready for sea trial and ready for customers to come and have a look.

This particular Marex 310 arrived on a lorry from the Marex factory in Lithuania, was unloaded and put on the chocks over the weekend.

The next thing to do is get all the shrink wrapping off. This particular model is a Marex 310, which is a very popular model, Wessex Marine has sold a few from their Salterns Marina HQ, and this is going to be a stock boat for them.

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One of the stars of the Southampton Boat Show, the Marex 310 shows practical, engaging Scandinavian boat building at its

“With Marex and Botnia Targa 99% of the time all the gear that people want fitted is factory fitted,” explains David Adams from Wessex Marine.

“But occasionally there are some things that for whatever reason an owner’s wanting to add X, Y and Z, which means that we’ve got to do some retrofit work on it, but generally speaking they come ready to go”

All new Marex boats come fully waxed, but Wessex Marine put an extra coat of wax on before the boat goes in the water.

“We don’t need to, but it’s just something we like to do just to keep it nice really,” David adds.


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