Top 10 most popular videos of 2018

From 'How To' videos to reviews and group tests, see Motor Boat and Yachting most popular videos of 2018, as watched by you


1- How to: Leaving a windy berth

Trying to leave a berth in a controlled manner with a stiff crosswind can be daunting – especially if it’s a tight berth and your neighbour’s boat is shinier and more expensive than yours!


2 – How to: Move a boat sideways

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Being able to move your boat sideways is an essential skill for getting out of tight spots. Of course, some new boats now have the option of a joystick which does the hard work for you but it should be possible to replicate this manually with a bit of practice.


3 – How to: Tie your boat up

A wander around any marina will reveal a hundred different variations of how to tie up a boat and to be fair there is no universal one-size-fits-all answer.
However, while many of the solutions on show are perfectly valid, it’s clear that there are also plenty of boat owners with very little understanding of what the lines are supposed to do and in some cases it’s a minor miracle that the boat’s still there when the owners return.


4 – Boat review: Triple-Engined 2,400hp Azimut S7

We travel to Savona, Italy to put the triple-engined 2,400hp Azimut S7 to the test.


5 – Boat review: 48 hours on the Bénéteau Swift Trawler 35

To get a real taste of the new Bénéteau Swift Trawler 35 we head to La Rochelle to spend 48 hours on board.


6 – Boat review: Princess 75 Motor Yacht

The 75 replaces the popular 72 and delivers and incredible interior and punchy performance. Jack Haines takes it for a spin in Plymouth.


7 – How to: Mooring

Mooring a boat is usually straightforward, but there are rules you’ll need to remember. Our handy video makes it easy to know where, when and how to moor.


8 –  Boat review: 24 hours with the Hardy 65

In one of our toughest tests ever we take the Hardy 65 from Portsmouth to Poole via the Isle of Wight in freezing temperatures and Force 7 winds.


9 – How to: Set your anchor

Watch the video to learn the best techniques to use when anchoring.

10 – Group test: 10hp outboard engines

An oldie but still a goodie, our 10hp group test. We attach six of the leading 10hp outboard engines to an Orange Marine 2.9 and head out on the Hamble to see how they perform in terms of practicality, refinement, build quality and flat-out speed.



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