Celtic Crusade: Cruising Cornwall to South Wales via dolphins

In the first part of our new cruising odyssey, John Boyle sets off from Newlyn for the Outer Hebrides

MBM cruising aficionado John Boyle is at it again in our latest series of videos.

In the first part of this 14-part motorboat odyssey, John sets off from Newlyn harbour in Cornwall, with the aim of reaching the Outer Hebrides.

Day one sees John and his Sealine S34 motor cruiser Shark Bay encounter smooth conditions crossing the Celtic sea for Milford Haven and the South Wales coast.

Highlights include basking seals enjoying the June sunshine, countless sea birds circling above, and three pods of playful dolphins who came along to ride the bow wave.

After a long day at sea, John settles in to plan his trip along the Welsh coast, with plenty of water still to cover before he can reach his remote Scottish destination.

Click on the video above to watch part one and make sure to tune in next time for the second installment in John’s Celtic Crusade:

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