Video: Cruising from Bangor to Colonsay in a Sealine S34

In the latest instalment of John Boyle’s Irish Sea adventure, our intrepid adventurer finally makes it to the Scottish islands on his Sealine S34

In our latest series of cruising videos, John Boyle is aiming to navigate from Cornwall to St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides on his Sealine S34 Shark Bay.

At the beginning of this next chapter in his Irish Sea adventure, mechanical problems beset John while moored in Bangor, Co Down.

A lack of Volvo Penta dealers on the Scottish west coast leads John to review his contingency plans, and call in a favour from a Stornoway engineer.

Setting out to sea off the coast of Northern Ireland, John cruises past Fairhead on ‘Shark Bay’ and encounters ideal boating conditions and glassy waters.

Next up is a refuelling stop at Ballycastle, one of the last top-up points before the Outer Hebrides. We also get a pronunciation lesson as John apologises for getting Islay wrong.

John and Fionn end the day on Colonsay and explore this beautiful, remote island on their bikes.
To watch the latest instalment of John’s Celtic Crusade, click on the video above.

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