Winter refit planning

Now is the time to consider refitting your boat so that it’s ready in time for next season

How old are the boats that typically undergo refits?

There is no typical age. We have a wide variety of yachts coming in for refit work for all sorts of reasons. Some classic motor yachts demand major overhauls; other newer craft may just be in for a pit stop following an extended cruise or when new owners want to apply their own ideas to an existing boat.


What is the most common task you are asked to do during a refit?

It depends on the owner’s requirements. Most refits start with a major job such as re-painting the topsides, replacing teak decks, interior layout alterations or rebuilding the engines. However, the job list often grows to include other less obvious requirements. Have a look at the refit case studies on our website to see the wide variety of repairs, upgrades and improvements we can do – it may inspire a few ideas of your own.

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Is there anything I should take particular care to check?

The condition of the shaft coupling often gets overlooked but should be checked regularly as part of your routine maintenance schedule. All fastenings should be tightened to manufacturer’s guidelines and the coupling should be kept free from rust. Failure to do so can lead to premature wear or even to the prop shaft sliding out.


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