Countdown to Cannes Yachting Festival 2021: Evo V8

Blu Emme, the Neapolitan company behind Evo Yachts, has been talking about its new V series for a while now, but it’s still quite a leap from the fun R4 and R6 open models to the sheer size of this new Evo V8.

But just as the smaller models fascinate with their unfolding exteriors, this big new bruiser offers a complicated variety of layouts in its interior.

A strange hybrid of different design ideas, the Evo V8 has two huge external steering wheels, one each side of the deckhouse, as if it were a high-end sailboat.

This is not so the helmsman can choose the uphill station when close-hauled and heeling at 45 degrees – at least I hope not – but because sitting outside to steer is pleasant.

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Also, having a helm station on each side can be very handy when manoeuvring. There is another helm station at the forward end of the deckhouse, more or less where you might expect to find it, and a fourth one up top, which is retractable.

The big, bright main deck layout looks particularly spacious and airy, and will feel it too, with all those windows lowered.

The lower deck is customisable, and the designer has clearly been paying attention to the latest trends – either that or he’s a big fan of Bluegame – for not only are there two companionways linking the lower deck with the main deck, but there is also an excellent low-level saloon adjoining the aft platform and beach club area.

The first Evo V8 has two guest cabins and a huge owner’s suite adjoining this secluded saloon, opening up the possibility of a private owner’s area that extends all the way from the taffrail to the forward bulkhead of his cabin – some 39ft (12m). The guests might not be too impressed, though.

And of course the V8 also has an extending cockpit, just like its smaller sisters.

Evo V8 specification

LOA: 77ft 9in (23.7m)
Beam: 23ft 6in (7.17m)
Engines: Twin 1,000hp IPS 1350
Top speed: 38 knots
Starting price: TBC