Aquapac Waterproof Case

For decades we’ve been fishing keys, phones and bank notes out of the water. We’ve watched valuables sink to the depths never to be seen again, but then Aquapac came along and solved everything.

These 100% waterproof pouches are super versatile and can keep your phone, tablet, keys, credit cards, cash and valuables safe and dry. We’ve chosen the Aquapac waterproof phone case that also fits the iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 4 and same-sized smartphones but the Aquapac range has pouches to fit around just about all your kit.

When using it for your smartphone you can talk and hear through it with no issues and the clear front and clear section at the back ensures the camera lens is not obscured and photos can be taken.

This is a fantastic, much simpler and cheaper alternative to an underwater camera. Its dual functionality – a pouch for everyday valuables and also a waterproof phone cover – makes its a hit on the MBY Cool 50.

Simple, effective and with a price point that makes you smile. The touchscreen works as usual through the plastic case and the pouch also protects your phone from dust, dirt and sand as well. Easy to use; two locks unclip at the top and the mouth opens wide so you can slip all sorts of valuables in the pouch.

The pouch is not form fitting so you can use one pouch for different phones – this case fits iPhone 6 Plus and any phone the same size or smaller. The Aquapac comes with a lanyard, which is handy when hopping in and out of the tender or walking around deck.

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The Aquapac is protects against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m. There are tablet case, camera cases, smaller phone cases, camera cases with hard lens extension and GPS cases. All provide the same waterproof functionality and are simple to use.

Every boat owner should have one of these in their inventory. Whether you’re paddleboarding to shore, hopping on a tender or sending the kids off to the beach, Aquapacs will keep your valuables safe as houses.

Price: £24.99


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