Blackfire Clamplight Waterproof Torch

Still one of the best-value waterproof torches we’ve come across, Blackfire’s Clamplight fixes onto just about anything, provides illumination right where you need it and leaves both your hands free to get on with whatever job you’re doing.

The built-in clamp and swivel head means it can be attached to grab rails, engine hoses, pipes or it can also be used like a regular torch or stand on its own.

The reflector head tilts 90* and rotates 180*, making it easy to aim and the unit is waterproof (IPX7), drop-proof to 20ft and floats when dropped in water. All told, it’s certainly ready for life aboard a boat.

Blackfire claims the powerful LED bulbs have 100,000 hours bulb life and though we have some time before we can prove that right or wrong on test the LEDs were powerful and efficient, providing up to 190 lumens in high mode and 75 lumens in low mode.

Battery life is around 10 hours on low-power mode and 1.45 hours on high. The Clamplight takes three standard AAA batteries.

The torch will fit easily inside a jacket pocket and the rubberised exterior provides welcome grip and durability. The clamp converts to a stand light by pressing and sliding the lock feature – non-slip feet swivel down for stability. Stainless steel springs and pins continue the high build quality.

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This versatile innovation is simple but works – the kind of kit designed to go on the MBY Cool 50. Its remarkably reasonable price tag is to be applauded and the Clamplight will no doubt come into its own in dimly lit engine bays or when owners are tinkering or fishing on board.

The ability to angle the light pretty much exactly where you need it and have the torch clamped and out of the way of the work being done is a great asset. You can even clamp it to your hat! Keep it in your tool kit, tackle box, in your glove compartment or sling it in your grab bag.

Price: £22


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