Boat and Marine Wireless Crew Intercom

We all know that the key to stress-free anchoring, berthing and close quarter maneuvering is staying calm and being clear with your instructions but that’s easier said than done when it’s blowing a hoolie and there are numerous obstacles to avoid.

These hands-free intercoms will no doubt improve relations on board between captain and crew (and save a fair few arguments) as they negate the need to bark orders and directions across the foredeck.

The intercoms use a simple earpiece and voice-activated microphone to enable two-way conversations over a range of up to 250 metres without ever needing to raise your voice.

The primary device is secured in a pouch and worn on the user’s arm. It’s slimline and comfortable. The earpiece and microphone work in the usual way, much like a hands-free mobile phone.

The intercoms can also receive mobile calls and nav instructions. They also can prove pretty handy as a boat-to- tender communication device, providing each are within 250m.

The verdict from the MBY Cool 50 judges was loud and clear – these nifty hands-free intercoms will make tricky manoeuvres such as approaching new marinas or unfamiliar locations, berthing in bad weather, anchoring or mooring to a buoy much easier.

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The ability to clearly hear instructions from the skipper at the helm, to relay information back and communicate at a distance is a huge advantage and with an attractive price point, crews preparing to notch up some cruising miles this season could find this kit very useful.

The intercom system can be paired to two other devices – making intercom between 3 people possible.

The unit charges using a USB cable. In addition to receiving telephone calls hands free you can also play the built in FM radio.

Price: £99


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