Elliot Brown Bloxworth Watch

When a company’s motto is ‘built to go the distance’, we know we’re going to get on like a house on fire. And the Bloxworth is the epitome of a go-anywhere watch - hardy enough to take sailing, skiing, mountain biking and diving with beautiful engineering at its core.

Made by British manufacturer, Elliot Brown, each unit is pressure tested to 200 metres so avid snorkelers will be safe as houses!

In all seriousness, though, this is a company that takes its waterproofing to the next level – one test involved a Elliot Brown Bloxworth being left at the bottom of Poole Harbour for a few winter months. It survived unscathed and was still working when it was raised from the bottom of the sea floor.

That rugged waterproofing is thanks, in part, to the triple-sealed knurled 6.5mm crown and push buttons. The quality engineering is stand out; it has a hardened, anti-reflective mineral crystal face for clear visibility, there’s plenty of lume, making it legible, Swiss-made 13-jewel chronograph movement, and a three-year battery life encased in a marine-grade shock absorbent casing.  

A combination of heritage and hardiness secures the Bloxworth’s MBY Cool 50 crown.

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The clever wrist catch means the watch fits exactly to your wrist size and is really comfortable.

It comes in 12 styles and three case finishes including black, sandblasted gunmetal, and brushed and polished stainless steel. Interchangeable strapping options include canvas, solid steel bracelets, and pebbled leather.

The watch strap bars are all screws, rather than pins, and can be tightened up if they become loose  – another tough little feature.

This is a super-solid boating watch that’s exquisitely designed but tough enough to take whatever you throw at it. Fortunately, for all its rugged features, this timepiece is also a handsome devil, too.

Price: £450

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