Esthec Solar Glow Luminous Decking

Whether you’re coming aboard after dinner ashore or simply navigating from one part of the boat to another, even the most sure-footed guests can stumble in the dark. Esthec’s solar-powered illuminating decking can now help light the way.

This fully recyclable composite decking is environmentally friendly, easier to clean and doesn’t get slippery when wet. Oh, and it glows. By day the caulking looks normal but absorbs solar energy which converts to light at nighttime, resulting in the caulking emitting a gentle glow come nightfall.

This isn’t just cool, it’s also really handy as the luminous caulking can illuminate the deck and obstacles such as cleats or steps at night and increase safety on board.

Dutch manufacturer Esthetic has been making composite decking for years and it currently offers 13 colours with a variety of caulking shades. The Solar Glow takes things up a notch and the luminous material can be installed in any desired design or pattern. You can even have the name or boat logo incorporated into the deck design so it glows at night.

The MBY Cool 50 needs a dollop of rubbernecking in its midst and if an illuminated gangway, deck or passerelle with your own moniker worked into the design isn’t going to turn heads, we don’t know what is.

Customers can utilise the Solar Glow wherever they want to on board as it requires no wiring or power and only uses solar energy.

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Esthec’s composite decking does not absorb water, which prevents algae from growing on the deck making maintenance a damn sight easier when compared to traditional teak.

Environmentally sound, innovative and enabling even more bespoke deck options, done well this solar-powered decking will look pretty fantastic.



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