Exposure Marine RAW Pro Head Torch

Beam us up, Scotty! At long last a durable, robust marine head torch that will light up even the darkest cuddy or engine bay.

The RAW Pro head torch is waterproof to 2m, shockproof to 5m and is built to withstand the harshest environments. Don’t just take our word for it either – the RAW Pro was put through its paces by top racing sailors including Ian Walker and Alex Thompson during its development and testing phase.

The result is a handy head torch that is made for easy use on board. The single-button operation can select between powerful white or red beams, with three power levels for each and leaves both hands free for the task at hand. There is also a white strobe for use in an emergency. A swivel clip allows angle adjustment when working and the torch can detach from the headband for use as a compact handheld light.

The MBY Cool 50 is not just about uber-stylish products and new kids on the block, functional kit is just as important to us and the MBY team loves this robust little torch for its practicality and durability.

Run time depends on the mode selected; burn time on high red is around two hours and up to 25 hours on ‘low’ optimized night-vision red. The white light will run for one hour on high, or ten hours on low mode.

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The simple traffic-light battery feedback is pleasingly clear and ensures you never get caught out with a flat battery and the comfortable headband is easily adjusted and machine washable. The torch charges in 1.5 hours via USB and customers receive a lifetime guarantee on the high-end LED (200 lumens).

Whether you’re caught in an emergency, doing your engine checks or tinkering on board, boat owners want tough kit that they can rely on time and time again and the RAW Pro ticks all the boxes.



Price: £119


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