FRĒ Case for iPhone 7/8

There is nothing worse than watching your beloved smartphone hitting the deck. That heart-in- mouth moment when you pick it up praying the screen hasn’t smashed, again. Or worse still seeing it bounce off the bathing platform into the drink. Banish broken screens and water-logged phones with Lifeproof’s Fre phone case.

The Fre is waterproof, dustproof, smashproof and pretty much bulletproof and unlike other waterproof phone cases on the market it doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to your smartphone’s overall ergonomics.

Its submersible to 6.6 feet for one hour so is perfect for snapping away underwater, too.

All the iPhone features still work as normal with touchscreen, cameras, sensors and controls operating in the same way even through the case.The most durable, reliable and protective case for life on the water, the Fre’s place on the MBY Cool 50 was a no-brainer.

The Fre is available for other iPhone models and some Samsung and Google devices.

For customers put off by utilitarian designs of other rugged phone cases, the Fre comes in several attractive colour palettes and offers complete coverage against the elements.

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The case solidly snaps together, keeping the elements out but comes with a tool to help you remove your iPhone from its case if you ever feel the need to do so. A coin also works pretty well.

The only case we love more than this one is Lifeproof’s Fre Power, a case with all the Fre capabilities but with the addition of an in-built charge meaning users can have an extra boost of charge and recharge on the go. This model is currently only available for purchase in the US, but we hope it returns to our shores soon.

Price: £69


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