Fusion 755 Marine Entertainment Series with Internal UNI-Dock

On board entertainment has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and with enhanced connectivity on board the mushroom cloud of ever-more ingenious and high-tech entertainment systems continues to expand.

At the forefront of on-board music and entertainment is Fusion and its rugged 755 Marine Entertainment Series with built-in UNI-Dock.

A high quality, marine-built stereo, the UNI-Dock also enables users to charge their Apple or Android phone while listening to their favourite tunes on board.

Utilisting Bluetooth technology, users can stream music wirelessly via your smartphone. Four independent audio zones are available, each with their own menu controls, meaning volume can be controlled in different ‘zones’ of your boat.

The 755 boasts a colour widescreen LCD display. The interface has very few buttons and the ones that are present are very large which makes operating the stereo easy if traveling at sea or over rough water. The unit has an internal and additional rear USB connector.

More control options abound with the 755 as the unit can be connected onto a NMEA2000 network allowing users to control of the stereo from a compatible chartplotter. If your stereo is below deck this feature is really useful as it means you do not need to leave the wheel at any point to change radio station, change the volume or change source.

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Users can also download the Apple or Android Fusion-Link app free of charge to control the unit, which means you have control wherever you are around the boat. You can also connect to and control the stereo from a Garmin smart watch using the same app.

As your phone slots away into the UNI-Dock within the rugged chassis of the 755, it also does a good job of protecting your phone while in use. Device measurements must be equal to or less than 140mm x 73mm x 12mm for use in the internal connector.

The MBY Cool 50 was calling out for a robust and high-tech marine entertainment system that balanced connectivity and functionality with bulletproof build. The 755 fits the bill and is UV protected, protected against salt, fogging and corrosion.

The Class-D Amplifier provides higher RMS output than a standard stereo, for louder and clearer audio while still drawing less current.


Price: £579


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