Gladius Submersible Drone

If you thought drone aerial footage was cool wait till you see the shots you can get as this underwater drone zips through the water.

The MBY Cool 50 is all about those gadgets that make you sit back and say ‘I need that in my life’, and the Gladius certainly fits the bill.

It can dive to 50m and captures Ultra HD (4K) video and 8 megapixel photos – awesome for scuba divers, underwater photographers and those with a passion for marine life. The adjustable dimming LED lights on either side of the camera can illuminate the path of the drone and objects underwater.

The two in-built batteries mean the camera can stay submerged and running for up to around 3.5 hours on one charge. It’s a tough little piece of kit and the built-in camera means you don’t have to fiddle and adjust a GoPro into the casing as with other submersible options on the market.  

For those keen on filming, documenting their travels and capturing the underwater world, the Gladius offers unrivalled ways to explore and film underwater. For motorboaters in unknown waters it also offers the ability to scope out anchorages, view the anchor or film the underside your boat or props without ever having to jump in the drink.

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Despite pushing the boundaries of drone photography and footage, the Gladius is pretty simple and intuitive to use. The game-like controls mean users can capture great photos and footage at the push of a button from above the waterline via the app on their smartphone.

The internal cabin of Gladius is sealed and uses aluminum alloy materials with oxidation treatment to ensure the drone is waterproof and corrosion resistant at depth of 50 meters. Roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper and weighing 3kg, it’s a portable gadget that will revolutionise your holiday snaps!

Price: around £1,200


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