Kodak Pixapro 4K VR 360 Camera Adventure Pack

Where better to capture 360° footage than on board your boat? This adventure action camera takes 4K HD full-frame shots meaning you get the full 360 view and won’t miss a thing.

The dual 4K HD lenses capture a 360° sphere of the scene around you so you can record a unique perspective, and the Adventure Pack comes with an easy to click on waterproof housing for those underwater 360 films.

Whether you’re in a sunny cala, jumping off the deck, snorkelling or even biking, camping, hiking and sightseeing, this camera is a pretty nifty travel buddy and is compact enough to chuck in your bag, it’s really easy to carry.

In addition to shooting 360° spherical images and video, the PIXPRO 4KVR360 also shoots 4K ‘Full Frame View’ (front mode) with a 197° ultra wide-angle lens, and ‘Hemisphere View’ (global mode) with a 235° super wide-angle lens.

Kodak Pixapro 4K VR 360

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It’s pretty rugged and the battery lasts around two hours. The Adventure Pack includes a three-legged stand, remote control, helmet strap mount, curved mount, bar mount but users may want to invest in an extendable arm. 360 cameras are particularly effective in scenes where there is a lot of movement or action taking place, so motor boats will be a great home.

The PIXPRO Remote View app shows what’s recording and can upload images and videos direct to social media.


Price: €549.99


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