Lumishore Underwater Lights

Swimming at night in a tranquil bay with underwater lights illuminating the fish and peaceful world below the waterline is surely one of the greatest pleasures of modern boating.

Selected because these lights can totally transform your watery world, they are one of the most pleasurable additions you can now make to your boat. Whether dining on board with the water illuminated below, having a nightcap and watching the water gently turn a rainbow of colours or the whole family enjoying a spot of safe night swimming, they offer hours of enjoyment.

Lumishore’s underwater lights are class best and outshone the competition to take a place on the MBY Cool 50. There are three colour palette ranges: the ORA Series offers single colour illumination (blue, white or green), the SUPRA Series offeris dual colour blue and white, and the EOS Series which runs through the full spectrum and can glow any colour. You’ll never have a better on-deck disco.


Depending on the model range customers opt for the lights can be controlled via an app on their phone, a wireless fob or a simple on/off switch.

The all-colour EOS Series are controlled by the Lumi app, where users can change the colour, engage a pre-programmed synchronised ‘dance’ through the colour spectrum or even link it so the colours change to your music. There is also an optional colour controller panel.

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Lumishore offer a variety of ranges and installation is thankfully pretty simple, with few fixtures required. The EOS’ compact low-profile body makes it ideal for mounting on transoms, hull sides and bottoms of nearly any boat.

Mounting options are available and include through hull and surface mounts.

Price: from £199


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