NautiBuoy Inflatable Platforms

If there is one product that got the MBY team talking this year, it was the fun-filled NautiBuoy.

This inflatable godsend provides extra deck space without the cost of upgrading your boat and will be the envy of all the other boats in the calas.

On test the inflatable platform received rave reviews for its impressive construction, rigidity and stability once inflated and its all-round versatility. It proved a hit with the whole family; kids loved the extra platform to jump, tumble and dive off, adults loved sunbathing on it and the extra living space proved invaluable.

It’s clearly perfect for sun worshippers but the NautiBuoy can also be used as a buffer for your tender, watersports gear, SUPs, kayaks and kit and double up as a mini dock for those waiting their turn for watersports or the tender. An extendable beach club, whatever the size of your mothership, the NautiBuoy platforms also interlock so you can extend to your heart’s content.

Each modular platform comes with four ballast bags to make them super-stable.


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The accessories are also excellent; the inflatable loungers made things even more comfortable and the swim ladder made popping in and out of the water really simple for all on board.

The platforms come in different sizes and the optional teak-effect deck really looks the business.

You may mainly use the NautiBuoy for leisure purposes but it can also provide a handy way to access the waterline and hull of your boat. Slip on the cover to protect the platform and you can clean, varnish, polish and inspect your boat from the water level. NautiBouy supplies cleats attached to suction cups so you can tie up to the sides of your boat and work your way around.

The largest and most expensive platform is the 800 model and measures a huge 4mx2m inflated but many boat owners will find the smaller models quite sufficient. The platforms inflate in around five minutes and when deflated can be rolled up and stowed away.

A private island at water level, the NautiBuoy improves life on board and can extend your usable deck space so effectively it simply has to go on the MBY Cool 50. And as you float around peacefully with a glass of something chilled in hand, we’re sure you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.


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