OLAS Float-On Torch

This ingenious torch automatically strobes when it hits the water and sets off the OLAS Alert and Find app, enabling the crew to track back to recover an MOB.

The pocket-sized rechargeable torch emits a strobe light when it’s immersed in water for over eight seconds and is designed to float LED up. The need for submersion for this amount of time avoids accidental activation and loss of night vision.

When thrown overboard, or worn by a person going overboard, the rugged, waterproof torch automatically triggers the OLAS App alarm and the finder screens on a paired on-board mobile device.

The app screens switch from standard navigation data to giving clearly readable, visual directions back to the point of the incident. The data is relayed in large font for easy viewing – helpful in stressful situations.

OLAS Float-On Torch

The torch will float and strobe once every two seconds for up to 20 hours and is visible from around three nautical miles away.

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Unveiled at METS 2017, this is the latest innovation from performance light manufacturer Exposure Lights. The Float-On can be attached to a lifejacket and works well as a compact day- to-day torch in addition to its use in an emergency. It has three power modes, emitting 120 lumens on high, 50 lumens on medium and 10 lumens on low and has a run time of 1 hour, 3 hours and 20 hours respectively.

It isn’t designed to replace other MOB kit but is an additional safety measure that could prove very useful if the worst happens. Easily attached to a lifejacket or kept on your person, it will help guide the on-board crew or rescue teams back to the scene of the MOB. A reasonably priced piece of kit to have in your emergency armoury and a durable addition to the MBY Cool 50.


Price: £98.95


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