Seabob F5

Possibly the most fun you can have under the water! Become a dolphin for the day with this pokey underwater scooter. Riders can make fast turns, figures of eight, dive down underwater and cover more snorkelling ground with ease.

Lying horizontally along the lightweight body of the motorised Seabob, users can power through the water, rise up to the surface and then dive down to the depths.

The gadgets and gear selected for the MBY Cool 50 should make you feel like James Bond, and this underwater scooter-cum- Jet-ski has all the kudos and star quality 007 would be looking for.

The F5 tips the scales at 29kg, has a max thrust of 480N, 2.5kW performance and four power levels propelling it to a top speed of up to 14 km/h over water and 13 km/h under water. Its beefier cousin, the F5S, weighs in at 34kg, has a 4.0kW motor, max thrust of 680N, six power levels, a top speed of up to 20 km/h over water and 18 km/h under water and costs E10,780.

So choice really comes down to your inner speed demon but both models offer a surprising amount of poke, with the patented E-Jet Power System allowing users to glide through the underwater world almost silently.

It’s fairly easy to transport but you’ll need at least one adult to get it to the water.

Seabob F5

The Seabobs can be equipped with pre-determined maximum depth dive, which is good if younger members of the family are likely to have a go as this can stop inexperienced users diving too deep. When the Seabob reaches the pre-determined depth the power shuts off and it will start to float back to the surface.

To operate, riders hold on to the two handlebars and a big green button on the right reduces the power level while a red button on the left increases the performance. Charging time is around 90 minutes and operating time is around 50 minutes.

If the Seabob underwater scooter wasn’t already cool enough owners can now order one with a built-in HD video camera to capture your underwater explorations. One lens points forwards to record what you’re seeing and another points backwards for the ultimate sealife selfie. This add-on costs £800 but will revolutionise your holiday photos and videos.

The Seabobs come in a range of colours and can be customised.

Cover plenty of underwater snorkelling miles without the hassle of swimming!

Price: EUR 7.845


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