Editor’s Choice: SEABOB F5 SR

It's long been a contender for the most desirable toy out there, and now the redoubtable SEABOB has been given even more grunt by its makers.

Dubbed ‘F5 SR’, this little beauty is the most powerful watercraft in the SEABOB F5 series.

Its E-Jet Power System delivers a mighty 745 Newtons of propulsive power – roughly two-and-a-half times as much force as a bullet leaving the muzzle of a rifle.

To keep its pilots on the straight and narrow, two rear fins provide stability and help improve manoeuvrability.

But it doesn’t have to be all gung-ho action, for the SEABOB F5 SR harnesses and controls its power in seven stages.

So if you want a genteel and relaxed low speed cruise, that’s fine.

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But if it’s a full-on dragster your after, well, you can have that too – the one-size SEABOB F5 SR fits all bills.

As well its deliciously enticing smooth and sleek shape, the F5 SR comes well appointed with a WiFi transmission module and SEABOB’s Camsystem featuring two integrated cameras fitted as standard.

There’s also a built-in storage system and SEABOB has thrown in its chrome package for good measure.


Colour choice isn’t an issue either, as purchasers can select any hue from the SEABOB range, including its Lumex Bright Colour and Bicolour Designs, at no extra cost.

SEABOB may not be the cheapest toy on the market, but it has to be one of the most exciting.

Ask any full-blooded boating child what they’d like for Christmas and there’s a very good chance a SEABOB would be high on the list.

And why not – after all, who wouldn’t want their own personal surfboard-cum-submarine-cum-torpedo to thrash around on, and under, the water?

We certainly would, but then again, we’re just big kids…

Price: €17,802 (inc. VAT)

Buy it now on Seabob.com

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