Seakeeper 3

The MBY Cool 50 is seriously rock and roll, but on this occasion we’ve selected a product that’s designed specifically to eliminate them!

The Seakeeper 3 is designed to stop roll on 30-39ft boat. The smallest product in the Seakeeper range, it is a product that has really pushed the envelope and opens the stabiliser world up to smaller yacht owners.

The Seakeeper 3 is engineered to run off 12-volt power, drawing less current, and offers a dramatic reduction in size and weight, making it more ideal for boats 30-39 feet in length.

The lack of generators on small boats previously. made stabilising them a challenge. The Seakeeper 3 is the first gyro stabiliser to operate exclusively on 12-volt DC power, eliminating the need for an AC power supply and the operating current draw has been reduced to 33-62 amps. Seakeeper claims its stabilisers will eliminate up to 95% of boat roll.

By removing the sphere’s ribs and reducing the size and weight of other key components, the Seakeeper 3 is 32% lighter and 25% smaller than the next smallest model in the range.

The Seakeeper 3 can be installed at deck-level and can be integrated into a customised leaning post, alleviating the need for major modifications to the vessel.

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The Seakeeper 3’s new display offers a more user-friendly operating system that is also NMEA compatible.

Previous models needed one wave to pass before the gyro engaged. With the Seakeeper 3 there is less than one second between the press of a button and complete stabilisation.

They say great things come in small packages, and we couldn’t agree more.


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