Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

Nothing can make a person more miserable than wet, cold feet. Hoorah, then, for these waterproof socks that keep toes warm, dry and protected from the worst of the weather.

Yes, you could literally stand in a puddle with the Sealkinz on and your feet would be dry. If that’s not worth a spot on the MBY Cool 50, then we’re not sure what is.

To be fair, we were pretty sceptical to begin with. The socks feel rather stiff and more like a wetsuit. On test, however, they really proved their worth, were a great fit and proved very comfortable.

The stretchable, breathable fabric with its merino wool lining was remarkably warm, comfortable and sweat free. And whether the team was sloshing through sea water, crewing on a rain-soaked deck or hiking up hillsides, the Sealskinz became a trusted piece of kit, handy for a number of different environments.

Sealskinz Waterproof Socks

MBY editor Hugo not only used them on board and to recover his boat on to its trailer but also found them damn handy on a family hiking trip where they kept his paws dry despite wading through knee-high bogs and rain-soaked heather.

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Sealskinz is a pioneer of breathable, wearable and waterproof clothing and these socks come in various sizes – with ankle, mid-knee, high-knee, thick and thin versions available. All the Sealskinz socks are waterproof and the hiking and hardier trekking versions provide additional thermal insulation.

Elasticated ankle and Y-gore heel construction ensure the fit is snug and comfy and you can easily wear them all day.

Whether you’re walking the dog in the depths of winter or wading through the shallows, these socks do a great job of providing comfort, moisture control and keep pongy odours at bay.

Price: £42


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