Sevylor Alameda Premium Kayak

Inflatable kayaks have been around for some time now and are a real boon for boaters with limited storage. This kayak cruises into the MBY Cool 50 with it’s time-saving inflation mechanism and feature- packed design.

The Alameda Premium Kayak simultaneously inflates all three chambers meaning you can be up and floating much faster.

Sevylor’s Easy Inflation System incorporates three valves into one so users simply turn the valve to the inflate or deflate position and connect the pump. The one valve will inflate all three chambers (two sides and the floor) in one go without the need for disconnecting.

Exploring bays, coves and the coastline under your own paddle power is one of life’s greatest pleasures and this clever inflatable kayak is not only super easy to inflate but it’s also rigid and reliable out on the water.

Clever suspended seats make paddling easier and more efficient; by suspending the seat and the paddler above the floor of the kayak the floor of the kayak is less deformed by the weight of the occupants, which reduces drag. It also means you’re less likely to get a soggy bottom when those rogue splashes enter the kayak and water pools on the floor.

Sevylor Alameda Premium Kayak

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The wide shape offers excellent stability on the water and the Alameda Premium can take two adults and one child with a max load of 210kg. The seats are simple to remove so you can switch from three-person mode to two-person easily. Clear markers and signs printed along the topsides and floor show you exactly where to lock each seat in place depending on how many people will be on board.

The Dry N Store Carry Bag has adjustable straps to make carrying the kayak on and off the boat easier if you don’t have room to store it in the lazarette. Inflated, the kayak measures 375cm x 93cm, when collapsed and folded away it is the size of a large suitcase.

We want our top-rated gear to make life easier and more enjoyable on the water. Sevylor’s Alameda Premium does both and is a great option where deck space and storage is limited. It still enables users to explore their cruising grounds at water level but packs away easily and saves a lot of hassle.

Price: £469


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