Takacat Lite 3.4m Tender

A fantastic little tender that’s versatile, portable and packs down into two bags.

The Takacat Lite’s 10hp engine reached a top speed of around 16.5 knots and is a brilliant option for young boaters and teens in the family to cut their teeth on. An entertaining craft that’s both fun to drive, great to potter around in and a fantastic introduction to boating – it takes a well-deserved spot on the MBY Cool 50.

Build quality is superb and set up surprisingly simple. The unique Takacat Lite open bow design makes boarding from the water a lot easier and safer and will be really handy for swimmers and snorkelers. What stood out was the versatility this little craft offered – a fun piece of kit for young sailors to whizz around on, a great snorkel or dive buddy tender, a simple vessel for exploring nooks and crannies around coves and bays and a pretty rigid transporter from A to B.

Takacat Lite

The Takacat Lite runs off remote gas tanks similar to those used for small gas BBQs and isn’t particularly thirsty. The larger remote gas tanks are a vast improvement on the smaller canisters used by the 5hp Lehr and make the whole package a lot more feasible.

Thanks to the stainless steel transom owners can also fit a pair of Takacat’s optional Quick Release Wheels (£180), which click in place and enable you to wheel the tender to the slipway or beach with the engine still attached. Simple and effective, this makes launching a whole lot easier.

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Price: £1,699 and £1,999 (package price with 9.9hp Lehr engine £3,649)


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