Ultra Marine ULTRAnchor

Holding fast in the MBY Cool 50 is this innovative anchor that is designed to always return to the roller the correct way up.

Upon retraction from the sea floor, the ULTRAnchor swivels and rotates itself the right way up. No more inching the winch up and down while stress builds as you wallow from side to side in a tight cove. No more leaning over the bow roller and twisting the chain until the anchor is in the correct position. It’s also damn good at digging in and holding fast – all that you would ask for from your anchor.

It’s hewn from polished stainless steel and looks splendid (not that it really matters). It has a hollow shank for optimal weight distribution and a lead-filled tip to ensure it always lands on the seabed in the ‘attack’ position, ready to dig in. Due to its tubular construction, it can’t lie on its spine and if it does invert, will right itself instantly, its broad wing plates keeping it buried even if the boat turns 180° with the tide. All told, the quality of the engineering is superb.

On test the ULTRAnchor held firm and on retraction flipped up and rested perfectly in the rollers, the flip swivel doing its job admirably.

For boat owners who find their anchor isn’t meaty enough or who have persevered with anchors that constantly come up the wrong way round, this model will be a real boon.

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If your regular cruising ground doesn’t offer good holding or you tend to worry about dragging rather than enjoying time on board, the ULTRAnchor can offer much-needed peace of mind. For single-handed skippers weighing anchor can be a bit heart in mouth at the best of times, so knowing your anchor will always return to its roller without a hitch will mean a lot less stress at the helm.

Standard anchor sizes range from 5kg to 200kg with larger anchors available upon request up to 360kg.


Price: €1,251 plus €258 for the flip swivel


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