Zhik Avlare Top

When a product blows the minds of the judging panel at the METS DAME awards everyone sits up and takes notice. Aussie company Zhik won the clothing category with its hydrophobic Avlare - an innovative fabric Zhik claims ‘hates water’.

Water, in fact, beads right off the high-stretch woven water-repellent fabric. The Avlare tops are light, breathable, super stretchy and comfortable and as the fabric fibres don’t absorb water the highly breathable top minimises wind chill and is also a quarter of the weight of Spandex. Little wonder then that it became the go-to training top for many athletes in the lead up to the last Olympic Games.

The Avlare range comes in long sleeve and short sleeve versions and for those who may get caught out in a blow or boaters who persevere through the winter season in the UK, the garments will be a godsend.

The MBY Cool 50 is all about innovation and Zhik’s hydrophobic apparel is revolutionising breathability not just for sailors but for all watersports lovers. Tested by sailors, paddleboarders and kayakers, the Avlare top feels like a second skin, is lightweight and offers UPF 50+ protection. In fact, the Avlare team of professional sailors and skippers means this gear has been thoroughly put through its paces.

Wash with fresh water – regular laundry detergents should be avoided as they can damage the water repellent function. Where excessive rubbing or wear is placed on the garment, users may experience some reduction in performance. This can be countered by reactivating the water repellency by applying heat to the garment using an iron or tumble drier – pretty clever, huh.

Keep toasty on board even in the depths of winter – we can’t wait for them to make some Avlare pants to match!

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Price: $275 AUD


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