Best jet ski anchors for securing your mooring

Most of us who jet ski probably never think about jet ski anchors, we are too busy zipping around on the water to think about stopping…

However, there may come a time when you’re invited to hang out at the local sandbar and the thought of beaching your jet ski makes you cringe. A screw anchor is perfect for this occasion, with the shallow water and sand bottom.

A sandbag anchor could work as well. You can ride to the sandbar with an empty bag, fill it when you get there, and dump it upon leaving. Sandbag anchors are perfect for calm days on the water. If the water is rough, an 8-pound mushroom anchor will hold your watercraft.

If you plan to get into jet ski fishing or diving, then a fluke anchor is the way to go. They are made to hold in deep water. The type of jet ski anchor you choose comes down to where you ride, and what you plan to do with your PWC.

A lot of riders have multiple anchors for different riding conditions and diverse bottoms. Whether you’re looking for an ideal spot at the local sandbar, or you’ve hit a killer fishing hole, you need the proper anchor.

Repeatedly beaching your jet ski can damage the gel coat and fiberglass. Docking is an option in many situations, but what if it’s too busy or too rough? You don’t want your prized possession at the mercy of other boaters or rocking docks. An anchor is ideal in these situations as well.

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We suggest buying multiple types of jet ski anchors if you use your PWC on different types of waterways.

6 of the best jet ski anchors


Airhead Screw Anchor System

Best shallow water anchor

Features: Zinc-plated screw, giant nylon hooks, nylon storage bag, 8ft of marine grade line


 + Easy to use
+ Noise dampening carry case
+ Zinc plated anchor
+ Affordable


– May come unstuck
– Limited to calm waters

This jet ski anchor works well for shallow water anchoring in hard sand or mud. The anchor requires you to physically screw it into the sand, so you know if you’re in a solid spot. We like that it comes with a storage bag so you can keep everything together.

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Sea-Doo Sandbag Anchor

Best jet ski anchor for calm waters

Features: Durable bag, 16ft of ½ inch nylon strap, hook attachment and float


+ Easy to use
+ Stows easily
+ Mid-range price point


 – Can’t use in busy areas
– Must use in calm waters

Sandbag anchors are easy to use and can be carried empty while you are underway. When you reach your destination, fill the bag with sand or rocks that you find and anchor your watercraft.

These anchors work best in calm waters without a lot of boat traffic. Simply dump the bag when finished and get underway. We like Sea Doo’s sandbag because it is made of durable 600-denier in a bright yellow polyester and can hold up 40lbs of wet sand.

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Young Marine Portable Galvanized Fluke Anchor

Best jet ski anchor for offshore use

Features: Galvanized fluke, 75ft anchor rope, 6.5ft galvanized chain, 2 shackles


+ Heavy duty
+ Great hold
+ Deep water use


 – Expensive
– Difficult to use
– Large and bulky

The fluke anchor is the best jet ski anchor for offshore use. It does work best in sand and muddy areas. This type of anchor requires skill to use, and it is large. You will need at least 5ft of line for every foot of water you are in so it is far away from your PWC, and it can set properly.

These anchors lay flat so they can dig into the bottom. The fluke anchor is what divers and offshore fishermen use because they are in deep water and need an anchor that can handle the currents and the depths.

We chose the Young Marine Portable Fluke because it has everything you need and is made of quality materials. At 8lbs, it is also lighter than most fluke anchors.

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Shoreline Marine Mushroom Anchor

Best jet ski anchor for ease of use

Features: Vinyl-coated cast iron


+ Great hold
+ Easy to use
+ Long lasting
+ Rust proof


 – Bulky-hard to stow
– Heavy
– Must secure in stowage

Mushroom anchors come in different weights, with 8-10lbs being spot on for jet ski anchorage. Of course, the heavier the anchor, the better it will stay. These anchors work well in mud and weeds.

Not all mushroom anchors are coated, so that’s a consideration when buying this type of jet ski anchor. You want to get a coated mushroom anchor so as not to damage your personal watercraft when you pull it out of the water.

There is less chance of rust with an anchor that has a plastic or vinyl coating. The Shoreline Marine Mushroom Anchor covers all the bases.

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Sea-Doo Folding Anchor

Best all-round jet ski anchor

Features: 3.5lb grapnel anchor with protective coating, 25ft of marine grade rope, inline buoy, stainless steel hook, nylon storage case


+ Affordable
+ Easy to use
+ Stores easily
+ Small


 – Notorious for getting trapped in rocks

The folding anchor is easy to store on your jet ski, making it a popular choice among PWC owners. The anchor can be used on rock, sand, and mud bottoms which makes them a good all-purpose anchor.

We like the versatility of the folding anchors, and they have a decent price point. The all-in-one kits are convenient too.

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Cooper Anchor

Best lightweight jet ski anchor

Features: Nylon, lightweight


+ Ease of use
+ Won’t damage your storage compartment
+ Lightweight
+ Great holding power


 – Not for deep water use
– Expensive

The Cooper Anchor is a plastic lightweight anchor with excellent holding power, making it a favorite of jet ski riders. This anchor sets immediately upon landing on the bottom and is suitable for use in 2-6ft of water.

The small blade on the shank increases holding power. The manufacturer recommends the 2.2-pound anchor for holding smaller personal watercraft. For extra security and for larger PWC, use the 3.3lb anchor.

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How to choose the best jet ski anchor for you

Before choosing a jet ski anchor, make sure know where you will be using it. It is important to know the bottom type, water conditions, the weight of your PWC and weather.

We have found that it is best to have several different jet ski anchors on hand. A mushroom anchor, sandbag anchor, and a folding anchor are all good choices to have in your locker.

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