Best fishing jet skis: Versatile angling options from the Big Three

Gone are the days of having to modify and transform a jet ski into a fishing jet ski. The innovators at Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki have made it easier for us to get out there and fish. Whether it’s a Sea-Doo Fish Pro, Yamaha WaveRunner, or Kawasaki, we now have jet skis built for fishing....

The Yamaha WaveRunner FX series held the number one spot in the jet ski fishing industry for more than a decade until BRP rolled out the first Fish Pro in 2018 followed by a trio of additional Fish Pros in subsequent years.

The Sea-Doo Fish Pros were the first jet skis dedicated to fishing. They came outfitted with all the necessary fishing gear, so you could take them fishing right off the showroom floor.

The Yamaha WaveRunner FXs require additional components to make them fishing ready and the same holds true for the Kawasaki Ultra Series.

The one thing all these jet skis have in common, are their wide stable hulls. This makes them well suited to casting and reeling in your fish.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into these jet ski brands and find why they are the best jet skis for fishing.

Best fishing jet skis from the Big Three brands



Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

Best fishing jet skis with rear cargo rack

The Kawasaki Ultra 310 series are powerful jet skis made to get you to your destination fast with a supercharged four-stroke 1,498cc engine. If you’ve ever ridden one, you know what I’m talking about. These jet skis are big, fast, and burly and offer large storage compartments to match.

The Ultra 310LX has a 22.5 degree deep-V hull that can handle any conditions you throw at it, which makes it an excellent choice for the ocean-going angler. When you’re fishing calm inshore waters and weaving in and in out of tributaries, with the press of a lever, Smart Reverse can back you up with ease. The large, easy-to-read 7-inch full color display will keep you on top of your ski’s performance and the GPS will keep you on track.


The 2024 Ultra series starts at $19,299, plus the added cost of the Rear Cargo Rack and any other additional products to outfit it for fishing. The Rear Cargo Rack is RotoPax enabled, which gives you the ability to safely carry extra fuel.

The rack also has built-in rod holders, holds three Dry Duffel Bags, and one Kawasaki Orca White 40 Quart Cooler. These components together come in at almost $900, so you’re looking at around $21,000 to get into fishing from the comfort of a Kawasaki Ultra 310LX.

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Yamaha WaveRunner FX range

From value to luxury fishing jet skis

For the rider willing to shell out the big bucks and have more additional fishing components to choose from, the Yamaha FX line-up may up be more your style. The FX Series is made up of five powerful jet skis that can be outfitted with a Yamaha RecDeck and Jet Fish package to get them ready for fishing.

The Yamaha WaveRunner FX line ranks from a value PWC to the ultimate in luxury and performance. The FX HO is the value ski of the bunch and starts at $15,699. It has a 1,898CC four-stroke, 1.9L high output Yamaha marine engine. The hull is super stable, making it the perfect fishing platform.

The FX Cruiser is the stylish ski out of the FX models, with its silver, deepwater blue color scheme. The entry price is $16,999. It also comes with the 1898CC high output engine.


Yamaha FX Rec Deck

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and performance, the Limited-Edition FX SVHO is the PWC for you. It even has a 20L auxiliary fuel tank, so you won’t run out of fuel chasing the elusive catch of the day.

The SVHO can also be outfitted with an integrated fish finder and GPS making it the ultimate WaveRunner for fishing. Add on the FX JetFish Package and required RecDeck, and you’re set.

The JetFish package includes a cooler, two mounted rod holders, cup holders, tie down straps, straps to secure your rods, and track eyelet mounts. The Yamaha FX SVHO starts at $19,299.


Sea-Doo Fish Pro

The only jet skis dedicated to fishing

Though Kawasaki and Yamaha have come out with gear to transform their jet skis into fishing skis, Sea-Doo offers the most convenient and cost-effective way to get it done.

The Sea-Doo Fish Pro Scout is the perfect entry into jet ski fishing. It comes with a cooler, fish finder, rod holders, and features trolling modes, which are all you need to get down to the business of fishing. The Rotax 1630 ACE-130hp engine is enough to get you out there in a reasonable amount of time too.

If you’re looking to up your game, the Fish Pro Sport is built for comfort with its bench seat and angled gunwale. The Garmin Echomap plus fish finder will put you on the fish fast.

With five rod holders, you can fish with multiple baits, troll, or keep rods set up for later use. The Rotax 1630 ACE-170hp engine has a decent top-end speed, which will get you on the fish quickly.


Sea-Doo Fish Pro Trophy

The ST3 hull offers the space and stability to safely move around on the deck. With the push of a button, the iDF system allows you to flush debris out of clogged intakes so you don’t have to get wet. The Pro Sport starts at $17,399.

The Fish Pro Trophy is the luxury model of the three. It has all the things you need and maybe some you don’t. The rear part of the seat converts into a modular swivel seat, so you can view everything around you.

Speaking of conversions, the LinQ Cooler can be converted to a livewell onboard, so you can keep your bait alive all day. The Garmin 7” Touchscreen Fish Finder & GPS features a chartplotter, in-hull transducer, with mid-CHIRP technology. The Trophy even has dual batteries and a 650-watt generator so your electronics can stay fully charged.


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