Control your boat from afar: Besenzoni remote control app

Everything from your banking to your home lighting and heating can be controlled via an app on your phone these days, and now your boat access can be too

Remote controls for extending passerelles (the access gangplank at the back of the boat) are nothing new and are extremely handy – allowing you to raise the drawbridge, metaphorically and literally when you leave your boat.
But we all know that remote controls offer convenience and frustration in equal measure as they’re all possessed by a masterclass in hide and seek (pro tip: it’s down the back of the sofa).

Well, if you have a remote controlled Besenzoni passerelle then it’s game over for the remote control, it can stay down the back of the sofa for ever. Utilising iOS and Android systems and compatible with retractable and external passerelles, the Besenzoni Unit Control requires a small Bluetooth receiver/adapter to be fitted to the boat. After that it’s a case of downloading the app, syncing the device and away you go.

What is particularly useful is the ability to link it to more than one phone, so other family members can also control it – great if one of the party splits off and gets back to the boat first without the remote. Just don’t lose your phone…

Price: from €390
Contact: Besenzoni


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