Meaco Arete One 25L dehumidifier review: Easy to use, easy to drain

MBY editor Hugo Andreae puts the Meaco Arete One 25L dehumidifier to the test on his Karnic 2250...

I’ve been using a Meaco Zambezi dehumidifier on my boat and in my home for a number of years but a couple of things have always bugged me about it.

The controls are too fiddly and confusing and the built-in water tank frequently needs emptying if you can’t mount it high enough to use the gravity-fed drainer.

So last year, when the new Meaco Arete One model was launched, promising to resolve both of these issues, I leapt at the chance to upgrade.

After a full season’s use last winter and another one fast approaching, I can confirm that this boat dehumidifier now ticks both of these boxes and a fair few others.

It’s usefully quieter than the Zambezi model and a new night mode allows you to switch off the LED display and reduce the fan speed for even quieter night-time operation.

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Meaco’s new unit is quiet, intuitive and very effective, earning it the full five-stars from Hugo

I did find that the water tank tends to get a bit slimy after prolonged use, as the optional automatic pump (£59 extra) doesn’t pump it completely dry.

This might also have been why the pump stopped working towards the end of last season but after a good clean and dry out over the summer, normal service seems to have resumed.

The Meaco Arete One dehumidifier itself has been a picture of reliability and comes with a five-year factory warranty.

The 25L model is quite large and heavy but the built-in castors make it easy to move around and smaller 10L and 12L models are available if you don’t have the space for it and can live without the optional pump (which only fits the 20L and 25L models).

Starting price: £299
MBY rating: 5/5

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