Ocean Safety Kru Sport Pro lifejacket: New design covers all bases

Not all lifejackets are born equal – we take a closer look at the comprehensively specced Ocean Safety Kru Sport Pro

It’s easy to think a lifejacket is just a lifejacket; that they’re all the same. But in fact, a huge amount of research and development goes into ensuring that you’ll wear them and that they will work effectively if they are needed, so it’s worth exploring exactly what is new about this latest lifejacket from Ocean Safety.

Addressing that first point, ergonomic shaping of the new Kru Sport Pro means it should be comfortable to wear for long periods. One new design improvement is a much lower-profile scoop-neck design, which sits away from the neck to increase movement and comfort.

The front waistcoat-style zip means it’s easy to put on and the side waist adjusters are quick for a secure fit. Another neat feature is a new utility belt loop that enables a handheld VHF radio to be clipped on.

But arguably even more important is what happens when it’s deployed. An interlock bladder with ‘wave barrier technology’ delivers super-fast turning speeds and keeps the wearer’s airway free from channelled water, reducing the risk of secondary drowning.

It’s designed to be simple to fold too – handy for mid-season checking or repacking after deployment. The jacket is also AIS ready, so a personal tracking system can be fitted (the best lifejacket in the world is of limited use if the wearer can’t be found).

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There’s also an ADV model, which adds a lifejacket light, sprayhood and UML Pro Sensor Elite operating head (which indicates a faulty CO2 inflation cylinder or its incorrect fitment). Kill cord loops on both models mean you have something to hook your engine-kill lanyard to. Prices start from £124.96.


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