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A new app-controlled hearing aid from Bloom Hearing Specialists could transform your boating experience

You wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to buying a boat, so why compromise when choosing a hearing aid?

Widex Beyond is the most advanced hearing aid yet, featuring full connectivity with your smartphone and the very latest audio technology to deliver a crystal-clear, true-to-life sound in the most challenging of environments.

And thanks to bloom™ hearing specialists, you can experience the difference for yourself with a two-week free trial.

Designed specifically for active, young-at-heart users who refuse to let hearing loss compromise their lifestyle, the Widex Beyond is ideally suited to the boating environment.

Its unique U-Platform technology features a customisable set of programmes to suit any situation from a noisy engineroom to a busy restaurant and still ensure you can communicate clearly and effortlessly with your fellow crew members.

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The SMARTWIND manager even helps filter out background wind noise so you can talk without raising your voice or hear that crucial VHF message even when cruising at 25 knots on an open boat.

Every aspect of the hearing aid is controlled from the smartphone app

Controlled via an app on your iPhone, it allows you to fine-tune every aspect of this discreet but extremely sophisticated hearing aid so you can create personal settings based on your own preferences and the precise acoustics of your boat or car.

For instance, you can take advantage of its directional facility to prioritise speech from the navigator’s seat or create different settings for the upper and lower helm stations of a flybridge boat. You can even stream phone calls or music
direct to your earpiece using its 2.4Ghz Bluetooth
wireless technology.

This, along with both T-Coil and compatibility to other Widex devices ensures it is the best-connected hearing aid yet.

If you’d like to take back control of your hearing loss rather than let it control you, speak to one of the bloom™ experts today to book a twoweek no-obligation trial, and start experiencing the benefits of Widex Beyond for yourself.

Want to hear more? Call now to book an appointment on 0800 612 7994 quoting ADPB02 or visit

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