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Can you hear what your boat’s trying to tell you or is it time you did something about it?

Listen carefully. Was that a slight change in the engine note you heard?

Could there be a plastic bag blocking your raw water strainers or a stray length of rope wrapped around your props? Unless you can hear it, you may not know it’s happened until the damage is done.

This is just one of the many reasons why boaters rely on their hearing, whether that’s listening out  for problems before they occur, enabling clear communication with your crew or simply enjoying the sound of water lapping against the hull in a secluded anchorage.

Unfortunately, many boat owners also suffer from hearing loss, either due to the natural ageing process or from repeated exposure to loud noises at work or leisure.

Ironically, the very pastime we love most may even have contributed to the problem, especially if you started your boating career with a two-stroke outboard screaming in your ears or an old diesel engine rattling the teeth in your head.

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bloom hearing specialists

The new generation of hearing aids filter out unwanted wind noise when cruising at speed

The important thing is not to suffer in silence. In the same way that poor eyesight can easily be rectified with made-to-measure spectacles or contact lenses, partial hearing loss can be fixed with the correct hearing aid.

The new generation of high-tech hearing aids are smaller, smarter and more discreet than ever before, allowing you to hear every type of sound with absolute clarity.

The latest Unique 440 range of hearing aids from Danish manufacturer Widex is particularly well suited to the marine environment. Not only does
it feature the most advanced digital technology to reduce unwanted wind noise when powering across the sea at 25 knots, but it also recognises the external soundscape and automatically adjusts to one of nine pre-set programmes so you can hear soft sounds just as clearly as loud ones.

You can even link it to your smartphone so you can stream phone calls and music direct to your earpiece.

bloom hearing specialists

Discreet size and styling conceals the very latest streaming technology

bloom™ hearing specialists understand that hearing well is vital to enjoying life’s pleasures. Their aim is to find the right solution for everyone by helping to choose the best possible hearing aid for your needs.

That process starts with a free assessment, either in one of their many branches or at your own home, followed by a two-week no-obligation trial. If you chose to keep hold of it, they’re so confident you’ll be happy that they also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee as well.

So make an appointment with bloom™ hearing specialists today and once again enjoy the sweet sound of your boat cruising through calm seas.

Want to hear more? Call now to book an appointment on 0800 612 7994 quoting ADPB01 or visit their website at


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