We review 10 inflatable dinghies on the market to see which one would make the ultimate tender


Bombard AX3 | The ultimate tender test | Motor Boats Monthly |Bombard AX3


This budget dinghy has a slatted floor, smaller diameter tubes and no seat, but it shared other common components with the Zodiacs, including its oars, which are fixed in their row locks with simple-to-engage securing clips.

It only has two tube compartments. The lack of a seat made rowing difficult – you had to kneel or sit on the floor.


It is only rated to 4hp but it planed with the 2.5hp and our lightest tester, reaching 8mph.

Vital stats

At 27kg it was the lightest in our test. It also packed up small and with fast inflation it would appeal to people wanting a basic tender.


At £587 it’s decent value, and comes with five-year tube and two-year seal warranties.

Contact www.bombard.com

Rating 3/5

  1. 1. Sunsport AIB265
  2. 2. Honwave T27
  3. 3. Bombard AX3
  4. 4. Excel SD260
  5. 5. Zodiac 260AD
  6. 6. Avon 260AD
  7. 7. Zodiac 260RU
  8. 8. Lodestar NSA260
  9. 9. Zodiac Zoom 260
  10. 10. Wetline 260AD
  11. 11. Conclusion
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