The ultimate tender test

We review 10 inflatable dinghies on the market to see which one would make the ultimate tender


Zodiac 260RUZodiac 260RU | The ultimate tender test | Motor Boats Monthly |


This has a slatted floor and only two hull compartments, which gives you little reserve if you get a puncture. But on the plus side it only takes five minutes to inflate.

The slats are close together, held by webbing straps, which form a reasonably firm floor, but it isn’t as solid as Zodiac’s Air Deck.

Otherwise, its features are the same. Good adjustable oars allowing you to feather them when rowing.


With a 4hp maximum rating, we only tested the dinghy with our 2.5hp. It would plane with one crewmember, but not two.

Vital stats

A good weight of 32kg, and small packed dimensions.


At £825 it is priced in the middle of the pack but it has five-year tube and two-year seal warranties.


Rating 2/5

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