Three of the best alternative tenders on the market

Lighter, smaller and more versatile, the latest batch of alternative tenders offer plenty of advantages, writes Dave Marsh


DinghyGo-sail-MBYLike the far larger F-RIB 460RS, the DinghyGo 275 comprises a small inflatable that can be powered either by a small outboard or by a simple sailboat rig, giving it tremendous versatility.

You may recall that the Tinker Tramp had been doing just that for many years, but sadly this is no longer made. However, there is an owners’ association website with a ‘for sale’ section.

The DinghyGo 275 also has a smaller sibling, the DinghyGo 225, although both share the same generous 1.45m beam.

Length notwithstanding, the principal difference between the DinghyGo duo and the F-RIB 460RS is that the former pair are simple inflatables, not rigid-bottomed boats.

The 275 takes an 8hp outboard, weighs 30kg (plus 15kg for the rig) and costs £2,499 while the 225 is 5kg lighter and £200 cheaper.

DinghyGo motor

The UK distributor is Nestaway boats, and it has an amazing collection of interesting tenders, dinghies and kayaks, the common theme being that almost all of them fold, collapse or deflate.

If you’re short of space on board, or just fancy something out of the ordinary, Nestaway’s website is a great place to start.

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