Toy of the Month: YuJet JetSki lets you turn your electric surfboard into a jet ski

Nick Burnham takes a look at the latest addition to YuJet’s ecosystem of electric water toys, the YuJet JetSki...

Imagine, if you will, the front half of a personal water craft. It’s got no motive power, but it does have handlebars to steer it with and a seat to sit on. All it needs is the lower back half to make it go.

That’s the idea behind the YuJet JetSki – all you need to do is plug in your YuJet XT Surfer electric surfboard and you can turn it into a fully functioning jet ski.

It’s powered by the YuJet surfboard’s 14hp motor, so the top speed is a fairly modest 19 knots.

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There’s a slow mode for beginners and children, and it has a range of just over 8nm, but you can swap in fresh batteries to keep the fun going.

We like the fact that it adds an extra dimension to a fun toy and makes it more accessible for those who struggle to balance on a board.

Once you have the JetSki, you can buy a YuCat 20 catamaran and plug your YuCat JetSki into that to power it along.

Prices for the YuJet JetSki start from $2,490 (not including the electric surfboard, which will set you back an extra $7,600).

YuJet JetSki specifications

Max load: 100 kg / 220lbs
Range: 15 km / 8nm
Top speed: 35 km/h / 19 knots
Starting price: $2,490 (ex. propulsion system)