Toy of the month: YuJet electric surfboard promises endless surfing without waves

Surfing has to be the coolest sport in the world. The only problem is the lack of good surfing locations, especially ones with big waves, warm water and plenty of sunshine.

So imagine not needing the wave part of the surfing equation at all and simply powering along on a surfboard anywhere there’s flat water.

That’s what the YuJet electric surfboard does. It’s just under 8 feet long and takes its shape from actual surfboards for an authentic feel.

A pure carbon construction helps to keep weight down. The EVA foam deck offers plenty of grip and the electric water jet offers plenty of go – up to 24mph (21 knots).

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The speed is controlled by a floating wireless hand trigger while its 36mAh battery has a range of 16 miles or a duration of 40 minutes and recharges in 2 hours.

Prices start from $9,999


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