Attendance figures take a dip

Official figures from Press and Public Preview Day (Friday) show that attendance for Southampton is down by 11% from last year


Well, it’s another fine day in Southampton, but despite heavy queues at the main turnstiles this morning, the first figures released show that attendance for Southampton has taken a dip.

Official figures, released by National Boat Shows, show that 8099 people flocked through the gates on Friday, down 11% from last year.

Of course, the weather may have had its part to play, with heavy rain on Friday afternoon perhaps deterring people. It remains to be seen whether the sunny weather yesterday and today will help Southampton recover some of its visitor numbers.

There is a bustling atmosphere here today, although queues at the gates have already dwindled to a trickle, so it will be interesting to see what the overall figure for the opening weekend will be.

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