BMF: A Successful Show

Attendance up and business, on the face of it, is good


‘A Successful Show’ the British Marine Federation’s in-house Boat Show News declares today. And, if figures are to be believed, the headline is spot on. According to the trade body, attendance as of last night was 7% up overall on last year’s show. In its own straw poll of exhibitors MBM has also had pleasing feedback… basically that business is good. But it’s important to take all these declarations of success with a pinch of salt. In four weeks’ time we’ll get the audited attendance for this year’s event, while the boat sales figures are always tricky as you’ll never know how many of these sales were walk-ons with chequebook in hand, and how many were buyers that had been groomed extensively beforehand. But by any measure, yesterday was a success. The sun was out in all its glory, the pontoons were crowded and just trying to get down some of the narrower alleys at the show was a true test of patience. This morning dawned less bright, and the wind is up, but it still feels very busy. I think, given the nerves the industry felt coming into this show, that everyone can walk away happy.


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