Botox at the boat show

MBM discovers some new beauty secrets for boaters


I arrived at the show this morning in something of a daze – a two-week-old daughter who has decided that 12am to 6am is the ideal time to be awake is mainly to blame.

It was in this half-comotosed state that I stumbled into the lifestyle area of the show, just next to the MBM stand.

I could barely comprehend what I was witnessing – people with fluorescent mouths sat in dentist chairs while others in face masks bent over them (see picture); fish swam in wall-mounted aquariums; and a man lounged in a huge beanbag reading a copy of the Financial Times.

This was no dream, it transpired. This was indeed the boat show, but not as I knew it. These strange happenings were taking place in the Platinum Pavilion, a new feature this year that also houses the Platinum Lounge for those that have forked out £85 for a VIP ticket, and other ‘lifestyle’ exhibitors.

The man behind the dentist chairs was Lee Oakey, sales and marketing director of Medical Facial Enhancements. At his stand, visitors are offered Botox treatments for a knockdown £99, teeth whitening for £299 and non-surgical facelifts for an undisclosed sum.

“Botox has been very popular,” he told us. “And we’ve done quite a lot of lip enhancements. These treatments sit hand in hand with the boating lifestyle.”

And I thought it was just the sunny weather that was responsible for all the perma-grins about the place.


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