Day 10 – Channel Islands & Brittany

Today is a beautiful sunny day, just ripe for our crossing from Binic to Saint-Malo

48° 42.558N 002° 27.612W

Today is a beautiful sunny day, just ripe for our crossing from Binic to Saint-Malo.

We arrived in the pretty town of Binic yesterday following a well-coordinated passage, which was run like a military operation. Thanks to Neale’s careful planning and the whole of the fleet pulling together we managed to make our exit from Paimpol in three locks, and we were soon on our way with plenty of time to sail through the tidal gate at Binic. And to top it off, as we were underway the sun came out, making for a lovely smooth passage.

Last night we had a group dinner at a local restaurant, which turned out to be a rather raucous affair. However, as the waiting staff spoke very little English and my French is limited to say the least, communication throughout the meal became quite comical. Before I knew it a waiter’s pad was thrust in my hand and I was running round taking orders – and there I was thinking my waitressing days were behind me.

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Today, once again, we are at the mercy of Binic’s tidal gate, which only opens if there is enough atmospheric pressure. At the moment it is due to open at 12.45 for about an hour. With this in mind the fleet is poised to make a beeline through as soon as the gates open with the slowest boats at the front. Once through we will head to Saint-Malo where we plan to spend a couple of nights.

Photo Captions:
Top – Time Flies guides boats into Binic
Middle – Chris and Brian from Free Spirit enjoy a drink in the afternoon sun
Bottom – The MBM team at the group dinner

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