Day 10 Netherlands Cruise

In between rain showers crews have the day to explore diverse Dordrecht

There was more heavy rain overnight so boat crews were en-tombed on their boats. Luckily by mid-morning there was a break in the weather giving people a chance to make a break for the town.

Dordrecht is said to be the oldest town in Holland. The sprawling diverse town with its interwoven narrow canals resembles Venice, at street level there are lots of mainstream shops, cafes, boutiques, and craft shops. Today the crews of Dignity and Colleen decided to explore the town by water, taking their tenders through the canals, some of which go under houses and the grand town hall.

Day 10 Dordrecht town

MBM staffer Claire climbed the 275 steps to the top of the clock tower of the Grotekerks-Turm cathedral. Although it was grey and overcast it has superb panoramic view over Dordrecht, the Nieuwe Haven where the fleet are assembled, the Oude Maas canal and other waterways beyond.

Day 10 Engelenburgerbrug with MBM fleet behind

Tomorrow the fleet will leave Dordrecht for Goes, the last Dutch port on the itinerary before the return leg to Nieuwpoort. It will be a 45-mile passage so a full day out on the water, the fleet will depart from 8 till 9am, spread out between three bridge lifts.

By early-evening today the rain the was hammering down again, so everyone has their fingers-crossed for a drier day tomorrow. At the 6pm briefing weather-man Neale said it will be a bit more of a settled day tomorrow, with less wind, perhaps even some sunny spells.


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